Sonas Training Course

    Accredited Training-1Sonas Training Course

    NMBI Category 1 approved
    (19 CEU points)

    On completion of this 3-day course, a person is certified as a Sonas Licensed Practitioner. 

    The course is suitable for nurses, Allied Health professionals, Activity Co-ordinators, Care assistants, and others caring for with people with dementia. Accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

    Course Learning Outcomes

    The course takes place on three days over a 10 week period, and includes work-based learning.

    By the end of this course, the student will:

    • Be familiar with the different types of dementia
    • Understand the role of feelings and the senses in communication.
    • Have acquired different communication strategies.
    • Have acquired the skills to carry out Sonas group and individual sessions.
    • Have had practical experience of delivering and evaluating the Sonas programme.
    • Know how to integrate the Sonas programme in care planning.
    • Have joined a network of peers, all of whom are implementing the Sonas programme.
    • Be able to use moodle, an e-learning platform for SLPs that gives the user access to resources, tutors and an SLP forum.


    How to get the Sonas Licence if you attended the previous 2-day Sonas workshop

    Sonas training was expanded into a 3-day course in 2012. If you attended the previous 2-day Sonas workshop anytime since 2002, you can get the Sonas Licence by attending a Practical Skills Day.

    Those who were Sonas-trained prior to 2002 must attend the 3-day Sonas course for certification as SLPs.

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    What is the Sonas Programme?


    Courses are held in locations throughout Ireland and also delivered as in-house training in care centres and hospitals.

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    Sonas Training is a requirement for anyone who wishes to deliver the Sonas programme. This is so that people with dementia benefit from a consistent, high quality delivery of the programme.

    SLP Register

    The SLP Register is a list of the organisations in Ireland that currently have at least one certified Sonas Licensed Practitioner (SLP) on their staff team.

    Testimonal of The Sonas Programme

    ‘It is great to witness first hand the benefits of this amazing programme and how it helps our residents to retain abilities they would otherwise lose and the feeling of inclusion and wellbeing it promotes’. Mary & Margaret, Cuil Didin Residential & Nursing Care Centre, Co.Kerry

    “I found that the training day has opened a lot of doors to improve the quality of life of residents in the nursing home. It also gives me a lot of confidence to do more Sonas sessions.” Attendee, Sonas Training Course (Day 3), Dublin.

    Renewing Your Sonas Licence

    The Sonas Licence must be renewed every two years. Your first renewal two years after you first completed the Sonas course can be done online. Your second renewal four years after you first completed the Sonas course can be done by attending a one day course. If you are unsure which renewal you need to complete please call the office on 01 260 8138.

    Renewal is easy and cost-effective.

    Click here for online Sonas licence renewals

     A free online resource for all SLPs
    • Renew your Sonas licence when needed.
    • Access Sonas programme resources.
    • Access useful dementia articles and videos
    • Talk to other SLPs and our tutors

    Thank you to the Learning Innovation Unit at Dublin City University that supported us with the introduction of moodle.

    Become a Sonas Registered Centre

    Any care centre which is implementing the Sonas programme may apply for assessment to become a Sonas Registered Centre (SRC). The set of criteria governing registration is outlined in the Sonas Quality Standards (SQS) Booklet Click here to download

    If awarded certification, the care centre will be sent a framed wall display. Certification is valid for 2 years.

    Apply here to become an SRC


    Watch our videos

    Introduction to moodle

    How to renew your Sonas Licence