Montessori-based Activity Programming (MBAP) Workshop

    Dr Cameron Camp, the clinical psychologist who developed the MBAP approach.

    Montessori Based Activity Programming Workshop

    Meaningful Activities for people with dementia:

    This is a 1-day workshop that provides attendees with the knowledge, insights and skills to develop individualised meaningful activities with people with dementia. The Montessori Based Activity Programming (MBAP) model at the centre of this workshop is an evidence-based method for developing person-centred, effective, individualised activities with people with dementia.

    NMBI Category 1 Approved (6 CEU Points)



    Deirdre Lewis (Main workshop presenter)

    Deirdre Lewis is a Consultant Nurse in Mental Health Services for Older People at Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn, Co Antrim

    Deirdre has completed extensive training with Dr Camp. She has a wealth of clinical and academic experience and expertise; and extensive experience of training, mentoring and supporting healthcare professionals and caregivers in the use of person centred care philosophy and approaches.

    A registered mental nurse (RMN) with the College of Mental Health Nursing, Deirdre has an MSc in Dementia from the University of Stirling, a primary nursing degree from the University of Ulster, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Managing Health Services from the Institute of Healthcare Management.

    Deirdre will be presenting the model, supporting skills development and drawing on her own learnings from implementing MBAP in Holywell Hospital. A video produced by Dr Cameron Camp will be shown as part of the day.

    Why the Montessori method?

    The Montessori method was originally used with disadvantaged children to provide them with opportunities to meaningfully interact with their environments. The foundation principles include acceptance, affirmation, enablement, a focus on retained abilities rather than deficits, respect and positive communication. These principles, together with its non-cognitive approach, make it ideally suited to people with cognitive difficulties.

    Dr Cameron Camp is a noted psychologist specialising in applied research in gerontology. He developed Montessori Based Activity Programming (MBAP), a method of devising and carrying out activities that are based on the Montessori approach.

    Montessori Based Activity Programming has been the subject of a range of research studies in care centres in the US, with findings supporting significant benefits for participants.

    MBAP emphasises the enabling of people with dementia to utilise their strengths, and the creation of opportunities for each person to be engaged in meaningful activity, fulfilling their social roles within their environment. The focus is on working with the strengths and abilities that remain, finding the person behind the memory and other cognitive problems, engaging the individual and enabling everyone involved to feel good about the experience.

    Upcoming Courses

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    What our workshop attendees said

    “It couldn’t have been better. It was excellent.”

    Colette Sheppard, Healthcare Assistant, Community Hospital of the Assumption, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

    “We were delighted with the response of our older persons and intellectual disability services to this training. One of the huge positives was that it equally suited care assistants, nurses and allied health professionals. We now have almost 90 people trained in the use of the Montessori approach in the care of people with dementia and look forward to evaluating its effectiveness.”

    Mary Gannon, Clinical Link Facilitator – Gerontology, Nursing & Midwifery Planning Development Unit (NMPDU), HSE West/MidWest.

    Workshop learning outcomes include:
    • Define dementia, describe its signs and symptoms, and understand the most common forms of dementia, risk factors and preventative measures.
    • Explain the key principles, concepts, methods of communication and describe strategies to facilitate effective communication in dementia care.
    • Understand what is meant by the term person centred care and how this relates to their practice.
    • Understand the underlying principles of Montessori Based Activity Programming (MBAP)™ and experience MBAP in practice.
    • Assess the retained skills and abilities of people with dementia, design resources for Montessori Activities, and identify how to best support other staff and relatives using MBAP principles.