Caring for the carer

    Caring for the carer

    Just as the person with dementia needs support to offset the challenges that come with dementia, so too do the people in that person’s life, especially the person in the 24/7 caring role.
    The type of support offered sometimes depends on the care setting. Sonas apc provides training in communication, psycho-social approaches and non-pharmacological interventions, to those who care for people with dementia in residential and hospital settings. People who care in the family home often have access to very little support and training. Through our annual conference, we are trying to address this, bringing knowledge, innovative programmes and approaches, to equip caregivers to understand the person with dementia and support a better life for them both.

    Unfortunately, the family caregiver is often an older person themselves, and their own health can be fragile. Caring for the carer is an important, often overlooked, necessity.

    The Alzheimer Cafes and other support groups offer support to people who care for loved ones in the family home.

    For more information on our training, go to our training page.
    See for information about Alzheimer Cafes.
    The Alzheimer Society of Ireland provides a helpline and support services nationwide. See for details of your local branch.