The Sonas Programme

    The Sonas programme
    The Sonas® programme
         Ireland’s leading therapeutic activity
                 for people with dementia.

    The Sonas programme is an evidence-based, therapeutic activity for people who have dementia.

    The essential features of Sonas Group and Individual Sessions are:
    • Stimulation of all five senses
    • Focus on communication
    • Use of structure and repetition
    • Focus on retained abilities rather than deficits or disabilities
    • Creation of a warm, failure-free environment

    Structure and repetition

    The packaging of all of the features together into a repeated, structured session supports familiarity, a sense of safety and security for participants. These are important for a person whose world is becoming increasingly unfamiliar. A person might attend a Sonas Group Session every week for several months. They might remember it fully or they might only remember the feeling they get at the session.


    The Sonas® programme is a therapeutic communication activity primarily for older people, which focuses on sensory stimulation, in the belief that the senses are the gateways to communication.”

    Sister Mary Theadgold, founder Sonas

    Sr Mary Threadgold RSC, who devised the Sonas® programme and founded Sonas apc to train people in its use.

    Noreen + Ann Chamberlain


    Sonas sessions are enjoyable group and individual activities involving stimulation of all five senses, quality engagement and relaxation.
    Enhanced wellbeing, improved mood and communication are just some of the benefits.
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    See a short video of a Sonas Group Session here

    Sonas apc is thankful to the participants for allowing us to share it with you.

    “One man who does no activities at all was brought to a Sonas session and he started dancing and singing. He was so energised. People who said they were lonely made friends within the Sonas group. I felt privileged to be part of this work.”

    Laura Hamilton, Activities Co-ordinator, Parke House Nursing Home.

    Training – a requirement for anyone delivering the Sonas programme
    There are now
    460+ Sonas Licensed Practitioners
    In 260+ care centres nationwide